Quick Weekend Reading

Jul 6, 2008: 2:06 PM CST

Let’s take a look at a few interesting articles or perspective from other bloggers or writers over the past week:

Paul Kedrowski’s “Infectious Greed” lists a fascinating “Dow Jones Returns by President since 1929” which details the compound annual returns.  Where does the current administration lie on the scale?

Barry Ritholtz’s “Big Picture” posts a large “Not Quite a Link-Fest” with numerous links broken down into categories.

Brian Shannon (Alphatrends) does a fascinating quick analysis entitled “Chase the Gap or Wait for the VWAP?

“So you did your nightly research and found what look like some great potential movers for the next day of trading. The next morning you are anxious to take advantage of all the great setups but you look at your stocks and see that some of your strongest trading candidates are gapping higher.”

“Although there is always the exception to the rule, it is usually a suckers bet to purchase the stock as it gaps up.”

Congratulations to Andrew Howowitz (The Disciplined Investor) for being rewarded with a remarkable distinction: Horowitz named “Top Wealth Manager” – AGAIN!

Declan Fallond writes, “Big Money out – only retailers left to dump

Rob Hanna of “Quantifiable Edges” announces the construction of his “Quantifiable Edges Aggregator” and logic behind it, as well as offering a new weekly research newsletter with commentary, signals, and analysis.

The Zignals Blog examines the Google Trend tool in the post “Google Trends: Bull vs Bear relationships“.

(Thank you to the NewsFlashr Business Blog section for quick, easy reading of numerous blog headlines).

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