Recent Market Club Trading Signals in Crude Oil

Jul 31, 2008: 12:59 PM CST

Adam Hewison released a brief info-movie today showing some of the recent proprietary trading signals in the crude oil market – starting with a sell signal and moving to a recent buy signal.

The video asks “Is the Move in Crude Oil Over” and can be viewed from the previous link.  What interesting is that Hewison actually teaches some of the Market Club technique for free in the video, in terms of how to set-up trades by taking into account the higher time frame structure and how to time trades on daily or lower timeframes.

For example, Market Club’s weekly chart signaled a ‘sell’ at $135.08 per barrel while the daily chart signal actually (of course) preceded this signal and got you out (or short) a little earlier at $137.25 (and is currently showing a buy signal while the weekly chart is not).

Market Club’s current buy signal – based on undisclosed indicator combinations – transpired at $125.19.

I did think this was a very helpful example of confirming some of the methods taught and referenced in the Market Club material and trading site, which you can join and learn the basics and more advanced techniques from the popular and growing Market Club site.

Hewison frequently posts videos of Apple Inc (AAPL), Google (GOOG), Gold prices, and many other markets that are in the media spotlight at the moment, which keeps you right on pace in a central location with what’s happening right now.

You can also use the many stock and futures market scanning capabilities to develop your own watchlist and trading candidates for use in your own trading plan.

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