The Disciplined Investor Interviews Robert Reich

Apr 18, 2008: 1:11 PM CST

Andrew Horowitz at the Disciplined Investor blogsite recently posted a Podcast Interview he conducted with Robert Reich, a current professor of public policy (UC Berkeley) who has served in three presidential administrations, including Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton.

I’m a follower of politics and so I was captured by the headline and had to listen to the interview because Reich is a big name both in politics and economics.

In the interview, they discuss a broad range of topics under the heading “Super-Capitalism” and also address:

Long Term Recession Odds (and possible Depression); the next economic problem; “Who should Obama replace Bernanke with” (quite ambitious!); worldwide food shortage; and unions.

Andrew conducts a weekly podcast which can be accessed via his Disciplined Investor site (top right and also in the posts).

Be sure to browse around other interviews from prior podcasts he has conducted with such blogger guests as Adam Warner, Brian Shannon, Tim Knight, Barry Ritholtz and many, many more!

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