A Monthly View of Gold Prices

Oct 26, 2008: 1:46 PM CST

With gold price movement confusing many traders, let’s pull the chart back to the monthly view to see if we can gain any insight from this higher time frame and note possible significant support under us.

Gold Monthly Chart (normal scale):

These charts are similar, so I’ll show them both and then discuss them.  I often prefer to use the arithmetic scale as it often clarifies the most recent data (assuming that data is to the top of the chart) while compressing past data (assuming that it is to the lower prices in the past on the chart) – my feeling is that current price data is more important to view than past data (in terms of clarity).  All that’s open to debate so I’ll show both charts.

Price is testing the rising 50 month EMA and has actually found temporary support at this level ($670 per ounce) and we could be about to see, or are currently seeing, a short-term run back to test a couple of higher levels.

Ultimately, despite the technical (chart) damage on the daily and now weekly charts (timeframes), monthly gold is still in a defined and confirmed uptrend, and is only pulling back to test the 50 EMA along with the (approximate) 38.2% long-scale Fibonacci retracement.

In addition, price formed a new momentum high in early 2008, but the momentum line (black) has now crossed beneath the zero line (of the MACD) which tempers the bullishness.

Let’s pull the view back and see the log-scale chart for a moment.

Gold Monthly Chart (logarithmic/percentage equivalent scale):

In terms of Elliott Wave (thanks to clarity from the log-scale), one could argue that Wave 1 lasted from 2001 until early 2004 with Wave 2 being an ABC ‘flat’ correction, giving rise to the almost vertical Wave 3 from late 2005 to early 2006, and seeing another “flat” ABC Correction for Wave 4 that ended in mid-2007 which gave way to the Final Wave 5 impulse into the $1,000 per ounce price highs that formed significant ‘topping’ price patterns and violations of key moving averages (and Fibonacci support) on the daily and (now) weekly frames.

As such, we’re seeing perhaps Wave A down (which may have been a roughly 5-wave impulse pattern down itself) and could be expecting a B wave yet to come (soon) which should take price up to $900 or so (rough estimation).

Either way, if some of the lower time frame charts seem confusing (the same thought goes for stocks), then pull the view back to the monthly charts for better clarity.

Always remember that the shorter time frames LEAD the longer time frames, and chart destruction on the shorter time frames will precede destruction on higher time frames (by destruction, I mean downside violations of support zones, moving averages, lower highs/lows, Fibonacci retracements, etc).

Be safe out there.


5 Responses to “A Monthly View of Gold Prices”

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