CMT Level 3 Exam Today and MTA Sponsorship Request

Oct 29, 2008: 12:00 AM CST

Today’s the big day I’ve been studying almost two years to accomplish – the final examination in the Market Technicians Association’s Chartered Market Technician Exam track (Level 3 written essay exam) Wednesday afternoon.

Wish me luck in this four hour essay exam that makes all aspects of Technical Analysis and Market Dynanamics (including psychology and sentiment) fair game for a comprehensive exam that spans three levels of formal education in the field of Technical Analysis.

Check out the MTA’s website ( for required reading lists for the three levels, as well as information regarding becoming a member and the examination/formal study process.

Specific areas of study include Candlestick analysis, Indicator Applications, Trading Strategy analysis/comparison, Elliott Wave Principle, Intermarket Relationships, Sector Rotation, Statistics, Sentiment/Psychology, Fibonacci, chart patterns, Point and Figure charting, relative strength analysis, Cycles, and other forms of study.

As taking the three exams is not enough to earn the CMT designation, the MTA requires sponsorship from three current MTA members familiar with a candidate’s work.  I am humbly requesting any current MTA members (or current CMT holders) who perhaps are familiar with my daily work on the blog here to contact me for sponsorship.  I would be honored and would enjoy working together with you for the sponsorship process.  Please email me at corey AT afraidtotrade DOT com (more information via my “About Me” page) so I can provide more information as needed.

In addition, I’d be happy to provide any information I can via email to anyone thinking about, or interested in the MTA or the CMT program – and will be happy to sponsor new applicants as well once I become a CMT charterholder.

Thank you to all who read the blog posts and who have been so supportive of me over the two years I’ve been blogging publicly to the Afraid to Trade blogsite.  I’m almost to the 1,000th post mark!  I’ll soon be launching the formal Afraid to Trade website, so continue to stick with me as the website team finishes their work (hopefully before December).

If I can be of further assistance via email or mentoring or just to answer general questions you may have, feel free to contact me.



19 Responses to “CMT Level 3 Exam Today and MTA Sponsorship Request”

  1. Josh Says:

    Good luck Corey! – although I doubt you’ll need it!

    Keep up the good work – the ATT blog is on my must-read list every day!


  2. Man4urheart Says:

    Good Luck corey…Pass with Flying Colors!

    Do you wish to stop blogging after opening website?

    Why are you shifting to website? It sounds more commercialize?

  3. simply options trader Says:

    Hi Corey,
    All the best for your exams!

  4. Joseph Piretti Says:

    I am a current CMT holder. If you need a sponsor, feel free to drop me a line. One piece of advice. Use the 15 min. of tutorial time to open your chart pack and mark up the obvious support/resistance lines you see….Good Luck.

  5. Brad Harris Says:


    Good luck to you! I’m a daily reader as well and I wish you only the best. Perhaps one day I will be taking you up on your sponsorship offer. I have considered going out for the CMT designation even though I do not work in the field of TA simply as a personal accomplishment. Is it a requirement to work in some capacity as a technician prior to sponsorship?

  6. samir india Says:

    Wish you a great luck for your exam

  7. Corey Rosenbloom Says:

    Josh, Options Trader, & Man,

    Thank you for your support! It’s a hard test but can’t wait to get it finished.

    Man, no – I should have specified that the blog will always remain in its current daily updated form (though will look better) and that the website will be a formal educational portal with free resources, paid resources, and a newsletter. It will be designed with Education as the #1 goal and is expected to grow into a community over time.

    I’ve enjoyed sharing my analysis (on a more limited basis due to the free content) and thoughts on the blog and will continue that indefinitely – no worries.

  8. Corey Rosenbloom Says:


    Thank you for your offer for sponsorship – I will contact you shortly.

    I’ve developed mnemonics for the “Greed and Fear” and “Irrational Exuberance” books, as well as for the Pring Business Cycle (6 stage chart) and will put those down on the scratch paper once I get in there and will scan the test – excellent tip. Budgeting the time will be the hardest thing for me as I tend to write far more than needed (shortening blog posts has been so difficult for me).

    With the amount of questions and writing ahead, my biggest challenge may be the conservation of time.

    I look forward to speaking with you.

    Update – I’m having trouble with the email address you provide – it has bounced back twice.

  9. Corey Rosenbloom Says:


    Thank you for your support!


    I’d be honored!

    As far as the CMT, they require you have at least 5 years working in the field of Technical analysis or being employed as such. That requirement is shortened to 3 years with successful passing of the CMT three-test program.

    Check with the MTA website for the exact wording, but it will come down to your sponsors and your application to the admissions committee as to what the “working in TA” requirement flushes out to be.

  10. PC Says:

    Hi corey,
    I read your blog every day, even though I don’t trade, perhaps not yet and enjoy it immensely. Wish you all the very very best in your exams. From New Zealand

  11. Dominick Says:

    Good luck Corey. I read the blog everyday, thanks

  12. bob Says:

    Best of luck , buddy.I hang on every word you write. I’ve been teaching myself TA for several years now, but you have taught me the art and skill to execute the science.I consider you my mentor. I donate to you and urge everybody within the sound of my voice to do the same.

  13. todd Says:

    Good Luck Corey!! Keep us posted on how it went for you. You’ve got a loyal “fan” base supporting you on your journey.

  14. Sam Says:

    Hey corey,

    All the best to you!! May you pass with flying colours. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  15. Kevin Says:

    Good luck Corey, I’m sure you did fine on the exam. I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile and it’s obvious that you know what you are doing which is why I placed your link on my blog many months ago.


  16. Mark M Says:

    Good luck on your exam Corey.
    I discovered your site 2 months ago and I read your posts everday.
    Its been a big help to me and I have referred some friends.

    Best wishes,


  17. Joseph Piretti Says:

    The e-mail address is [edited]….make sure you use “net”

  18. Corey Rosenbloom Says:

    Thank you so much everyone! I am so thankful for your support and well-wishes.

    The exam went very well – in my opinion. I felt it was an excellent, comprehensive exam for which I was well-prepared (so much studying and recent cramming helped) and was pleased with the quality of the exam.

    I literally spent the whole time writing or doing calculations and ended the four-hour ordeal with 5 minutes to spare, and only then because I had to rush some questions.

    At times, during a particular analysis, I felt like I was doing a blog post for you all and found myself falling back to the familiar themes I teach and highlight on the blog, only adding in a little more explanation as to a particular indicator or method to show my logic behind my answer. Ultimately, that took up probably more time than it should but I’m a fast typer. I’ve heard many reports of the exam taking the full four hour period and now I see why.

    The charts were clear (a point about which I was worried) and the exam covered the broad amount of material excellently.

    They say it will be 90 days before the results come back, but I’ll certainly keep you posted.

  19. Vipin Says:

    Hey Corey,

    Your blog is a must read everyday. your blog is highly educational and has inspired me to start learning TA.
    keep on the good work and best of luck for ur exams.
    i am sure u will clear it.

    Regards from India