Steenbarger’s The Daily Trading Coach Now Available

Apr 3, 2009: 2:12 PM CST

It’s finally here!  Dr. Brett Steenbarger’s much-anticipated new book “The Daily Trading Coach” or “101 Lessons for Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist” is now available for purchase from (for only $30).

This is the book most of us have been anticipating since the end of last year – it’s an extension of his daily posts at the Trader Feed Blog which is required reading in the retail trading community.  Steenbarger describes his goal as being to “create a ‘coach in a book” with an emphasis on practical strategies that can help traders manage themselves and their trading performance.”

Dr. Steenbarger also has set up a special blogsite entitled “Becoming Your Own Trading Coach” which is dedicated to sharing more from the new book.

You can see the Ten Chapters from his book on that blogsite.

In addition, Dr. Steenbarger included a special interview section (similar to Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards) where he asks 18 active trading professionals to describe three insights from their experience which is intended to help newer traders.

I’m honored and humbled to have been asked to participate in that dialog and believe the lessons from the contributors will help share different perspectives on trading tactics and strategies and connect with the reader.  Contributors run the gamut from fundamental to technical to quantitative strategies that will speak to readers in their lessons.  Dr. Steenbarger ties his insights into each interview which creates a unified and intriguing flow.

I know this post is unusually full of links, but I wanted to share some links to other bloggers who have also written about this book, some of which include reviews already.

Michael Bellafiore shares a personal story of working together with Dr. Steenbarger and gives a must-read recommendation at his SMB Training Blog (which also provides excellent insight into a proprietary trading firm and the lessons learned there).

John Forman of the Essentials of Trading shares his review of the book which includes some drawbacks from his perspective and also how he would use the book.

Chris Perruna shares his thoughts prior to the book being released in his anticipatory post.

I’m looking forward to finishing my copy and will try to share a review when complete.

A special thank you to Dr. Steenbarger for all the hard work and top-notch content he provides readers on a daily basis, all without asking anything in return.   Please share with him your appreciation.

Corey Rosenbloom
Afraid to


3 Responses to “Steenbarger’s The Daily Trading Coach Now Available”

  1. Charles Says:

    Who the heck is Doctor Brett Steenbarger? ; )

  2. Corey Rosenbloom Says:

    Only the best trader educator out there!

  3. Andrew Stanton Says:

    Just finished the chapter that includes you. Congrats!