Full Linda Raschke Seminar – Five Trading Patterns

Jun 3, 2008: 9:13 AM CST

The Market Club Blog recently posted a full audio seminar complete with downloadable PDF booklet from trading legend Linda Raschke.

Entitled Five Basic Trading Patterns and Their Application to the Market, Linda discusses some of her best patterns she uses in her daily trading activities.

In the presentation, Linda describes the following patterns and set-ups:

  • Double Tops/Bottoms
  • Divergences
  • Anti Minor
  • Sling Buy/Sell
  • First Cross Buy/Sell

The introduction states:

Understanding these enduring market setups provides you with a solid foundation for trading technically. They simplify analysis for the beginner and give the aggressive trader added confidence. Linda has used these patterns as the core of her intermediate-term analysis but they work well on any timeframe.

Linda is probably my favorite trading educator – I’ve attended three live courses of hers –  and I recommend taking any opportunity to hear her presentations, as they are extremely informative and presented in an exciting, engaging format.

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