John Carter Special Video on Trading Options on ETFs

Feb 9, 2014: 6:15 PM CST

It’s rare that I do affiliate mentions, but I’ve always been a fan of my colleague John Carter’s work and education (and reputation) with the trading community and I wanted to highlight his new video where he shares his experiences of why he prefers trading options, especially on ETFs.

It’s an area that hasn’t received much attention so be sure to take a moment to hear what John has to say, especially if you’ve never considered trading options on ETFs.

John Carter Nine Reasons to Trade Options on ETFs

Entitled “Nine Reasons Why You Should Trade Options on ETFs,” John has developed a great informational video for the trading community.

As I mentioned in this morning’s post, we may be able to add a 10th reasons and that’s for trading ‘risky’ blow-off top or parabolic arc chart patterns.

My thanks for John (a friend of mine from the Traders Expos) for putting together the material and sharing his experiences and for his ongoing commitment to quality trader education.



2 Responses to “John Carter Special Video on Trading Options on ETFs”

  1. Says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. joe Says:

    Is it gone ?