Professional Volume Profile and Look-Out-Below Target Levels for Emini

Sep 19, 2017: 3:31 PM CST

With the market hanging out at all time highs, drifting back today, what levels should we be clearly watching in the event sellers actually do take charge and price retraces lower?

A Volume Profile (at price) Chart gives us these key target levels:

Volume Profile

Thanks to Think or Swim’s Volume Profile Study, we can pinpoint which exact levels where volume has traded with price – and more importantly for us, where it has not.

This is similar to Market Profile logic with the vertical distribution but it takes into account volume traded at specific prices.

Namely when the bars on the right side of the chart are longer, MORE volume transacted at that price.

Conversely where the bars are smaller, less volume transacted at that price.

We can consider the larger-volume areas as “acceptance” or support/resistance levels and the lesser-volume areas as “open air” where price traveled quickly without transacting many contracts (volume).

Logic aside, let’s get straight to the point – Why does it Matter? Continue Reading…

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Join Me and Thousands of Fellow Traders at the Money Show Dallas October!

Sep 15, 2017: 3:38 PM CST

It’s rapidly approaching!

It’s your chance to attend the 2017 Money Show in Dallas from October 4th – 7th!

Meet up with your fellow traders, attend dozens and dozens of educational presentations, get up-to-date analysis on your favorite stocks and markets, get insights from idea-leaders and experts in the field, demo the latest software and trading tools, and so much more.

I’ll be presenting a special Master Class on Swing Trading tactics entitled “The Swing Trader’s Guide to Trends, Retracements, and Breakout Trades in Today’s Markets.

Check it out and learn how to register and join us live:

Money Show 2017 Corey Rosenbloom Swing Trading

Traders and Investors of all experience levels can benefit from a refresher course on how to spot the best trending stocks along with the most efficient ways to trade them with minimal risk.

I’ll be discussing the three core price principles and how they build effective and simple trades in trending environments.

Using live market data in real time, I’ll show you how to set up your charts to identify strongly trending stocks in play.

Using this as a foundation, I will then will guide you through specific entry, exit, and price target-setting tactics that have stood the test of time.

Attendees will also receive our special Trader’s Reference Guide with six specific trade set-ups you can begin using right away.

Go ahead and register now – while the Money Show is free, this special Master Class presentation is $89 until September 14th when the price will “swing up” to $109.

I’m so excited about this opportunity and to meet many of you at the show.

I look forward to these events, as prior attendees do as well.

If you’ve never attended a Money Show, now’s your chance!  Don’t let it slip away!

Click on over, browse around what all you’ll be able to see, and register now.

Can’t wait to see you there,

Corey Continue Reading…

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Tightly Coiled Market at All Time Highs Sept 15

Sep 15, 2017: 2:12 PM CST

Are we having fun yet?

The S&P 500 and Emini (@ES) trade shy of the full 2,500 target and we’ve seen Range Days develop underneath the key resistance (target) high.

Let’s chart today’s @ES Fibonacci Grid in play:

Emini @ES Intraday Trend Reversal

Fibonacci Retracement Levels will NOT come into play if buyers trigger a breakout (and create a Short-Squeeze) so be prepared for a bullish breakout beyond 2,500.

Otherwise we remain neutral/cautious into the all-time highs.

Should the market actually pull back (can it actually do that anymore?), look toward your Fibonacci Levels above for pullback targets.

Come join us to learn these tactics (beyond this simple/quick update) and have an evening game plan you can use effectively for the next trading day. Continue Reading…

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Tesla TSLA Breaks a Triangle to Travel Toward the Highs

Sep 14, 2017: 12:10 PM CST

If you’re a “Tesla Trader,” you’re likely excited about the recent breakout event!

Tesla TSLA shares broke a Symmetrical Triangle Trendline that set in motion a breakout buy opportunity as price now travels (likely) back toward the high – or above it.

Here’s the pattern and the resolution in motion:

Tesla TSLA Symmetrical Triangle

After a stellar collapse sent price from $380 toward $300, buyers stepped in to rally shares back toward the high.

However, a textbook Symmetrical Triangle pattern developed from July to September.

Last week we saw the initial breakout beyond the $350 boundary and this week gives us an extended run toward the prior high and possibly the $400 level and beyond (which would be suggested by the pattern itself).

Nevertheless, the uptrend continues and buyers regain control of the supply/demand relationship.

Frame your trades in terms of the movement toward and away from these key areas. Continue Reading…

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A Big News Crash in Uptrending Equifax EFX

Sep 13, 2017: 8:29 PM CST

You’ve probably heard about the large-scale data breach exposing customer data at Equifax (EFX).

We’re not here to talk about that, but instead note the affect the news had on this strongly uptrending stock.

Here’s the run-up and the collapse on the chart:

Equifax Stock EFX

We like to identify “Strong Stocks Getting Stronger” and buy pullbacks in these bullish candidates.

Equifax (EFX) shares were listed as a strongly uptrending stock in many scans and that was correct.

We see numerous small and larger tradable retracements (pullbacks) from before 2013 as shares traveled a long-term bullish uptrend from the 2009 low near $20.00 per share.

In fact, to see a stellar uptrend, view EFX on a Monthly Chart. Continue Reading…

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