Register Now for the LA Trader’s Expo in June

Apr 13, 2009: 10:03 AM CST

June will be here before you know it!  If you’re thinking about attending this Summer’s Trader’s Expo (June 3-6) and haven’t registered yet, go ahead and do so now while it’s still two months away.  I wanted to highlight some of the key speakers who will be there and give a little background on the Expo.

Here is a sampling of featured speakers at this summer’s upcoming event:

Linda Raschke of LBR Group will be holding an all-day paid seminar discussing her strategies including how to classify price structure, when to aim for a small/large target, when to trail stops, how to identify ‘trend days’ in the first 30 minutes, recent research, and other helpful topics.

Dr. Brett Steenbarger of Trader Feed will be discussing “Coaching Yourself for Trading Success” which will show you how to best be prepared mentally for each trading day, including strategies you can begin using right away.

Brian Shannon of Alpha will be discussing (in a half-day paid event) insights from his recent book on “Incorporating Trend Alignment Using Multiple Timeframes.”

Popular author Toni Turner will be holding two seminars:  “Winning Sector Strategies Using ETFs” and “Five Steps to Trading Success.”  I was introduced to Sector Rotation in part through Toni’s work.

John Forman, author of The Essentials of Trading blog, will be speaking on “Inter-market Trading and Analysis using ETFs”.

John Carter will be discussing “The Best Positions Setting Up Right Now” which gives insight into his method of trading and analysis as he will walk you through real-time examples.

There will be many more educational ‘workshops’ to participate and learn from some of the best traders/educators in our industry.  In addition to the classroom training, you’ll be able to demo the recent advances in trading technology and browse the vendors in a large room where you can compare trading programs/services first-hand.  Also, you’ll be able to meet fellow traders and form friendships with them as you mingle with people who share the same passion you do for the markets.

Also, I will be speaking on “Ideal Trade Set-ups for Intraday Traders” where I will be expanding upon my methodology I discuss when I write my “Intraday Posts” for you on the blog.  I’ll describe some of the key set-ups I use (and discuss) every day and why it’s important to see as many objective trade set-ups as possible because it builds your pattern recognition skills which leads to increased confidence during the trading day.  I believe one of the best ways to do this is to keep a unique “Idealized Trading Journal” in your end-of-day reviews of the market.

If you can’t make it this summer, the Trader’s Expo also hosts a February event in New York and a November event in Las Vegas.

Also, you can sign-up for free at the website to view on-demand educational videos, numerous archived presentations, and interviews from prior Trader’s Expos all without leaving your home!

I would love to meet fellow blog readers and hope many of you can join me in Los Angeles.


3 Responses to “Register Now for the LA Trader’s Expo in June”

  1. John Forman Says:

    Hey Corey. I definitely look forward to meeting up in LA. 🙂

  2. Corey Rosenbloom Says:


    That’s awesome! Definitely looking forward to meeting up!

    I think this is going to be one of the best conferences yet!

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