Updating our TICK Volatility Charts for September

Sep 11, 2014: 3:26 PM CST

I know, it’s not the most compelling title, but it is very important for all of us to monitor the Volatility or Cycles of Market Internals, especially those of us who use them in our trading or analysis.

Let’s update our TICK Volatility Chart and note the current important intraday levels for trading with the TICK.

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To keep this post concise, we’ll note that the 20 day average TICK high at the moment is 862 and the average 20 day TICK low is -972.

This is very important if you use arbitrary numbers like 1,000 or -1,000 if you use TICK in your trading decisions.

Sometimes 1,000 is an important number and other times, it rarely occurs (thus you’ll receive no signals).

The red line indicator at the bottom simply measures the change in the average high and average low TICK value (notice how it is cyclical like volatility – we see steady alternation between periods of high volatility and low volatility just like price).

We can actually zoom-in our perspective on the most recent action to make the picture clearer:

Again, the 20 day average TICK high value is 862 (that’s less than the arbitrary 1,000) and -974 (close to -1,000).

Notice also the cluster of lower TICK values and the second lowest TICK reading of the year (-1,420) which occurred on September 4th.

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