Free eBook on Using Fibonacci to Spot Turning Points

Nov 24, 2009: 12:42 PM CST

From now until November 30th, Elliott Wave International is offering part 1 (a 42 page PDF document) of their “How You Can Identify Turning Points Using Fibonacci” e-book.

Chapters in the eBook include the following:

Ch 1:  The Golden Ratio and the Golden Spiral
Ch 2:  Fibonacci Ratios and Multiples
Ch 3:  Amplitude Relationships
Ch 4:  Time Relationships
Ch 5:  Questions and Answers

The eBook retails for $79, but will be offered free to current and new members of Club EWI until November 30th.

In addition, the book contains the following information:

  • How the “Golden Ratio” can help you tap into “golden trading opportunities”
  • The most important Fibonacci relationships to watch for
  • How Fibonacci relationships can help add confidence to your trading
  • How Fibonacci ratios and numbers relate to the overall wave structure
  • How to project valuable time and price targets using Fibonacci “dividers”
  • How to use Fibonacci time periods to anticipate trend reversals

As many readers of the blog know, I frequently use Fibonacci both in projections, retracements, and extensions – though not so much in the time sense.

Please take advantage of this opportunity if you wanted to enhance your knowledge of Fibonacci concepts and principles and how they tie into the market… and the Elliott Wave Principle.

Thanks to the staff at EWI for allowing me to share this opportunity with you as an affiliate!

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT


2 Responses to “Free eBook on Using Fibonacci to Spot Turning Points”

  1. * Fibozachi * Says:

    Thanks for the heads up and link, Corey.

  2. * Fibozachi * Says:

    Thanks for the heads up and link, Corey.