Link: Trading Plan Template

Nov 23, 2007: 8:48 PM CST

EDIT:  The Original post contained a link to a site that had stolen word-for-word a wonderful trading plan from Dr. Bruce Hong on his TraderPsychology Website, of which I was unaware of the plagiarism, and so I have removed the offending link and have now given full credit to the originator of the excellent trading plan, Dr. Bruce Hong at his post “Writing Your Trading Plan (part 2)I think this is the first public trading plan I have read which addresses ‘physiological characteristics’ and addresses specific dietary needs which are often overlooked in beginning peak performance endeavors.

The author addresses other factors that are extremely important in designing your own plan. If you already have a plan, why not see if you can incorporate a few ideas?

EDIT:  I have pulled the other link to the offending site as well, as I suspect that post was plagiarized as well and I do not want to take my chances and give credit where it is absolutely not deserved.


2 Responses to “Link: Trading Plan Template”

  1. Dr Bruce Hong Says:

    Yes, I agree that it’s a wonderful list. Please see my posts of Sept 24 through 28. 😉

  2. Corey Rosenbloom Says:

    Dr. Hong,

    I just went back to your posts and found the reason for your comment and have immediately removed the link to the site that plagiarized your work and have given you full credit.

    I am extremely disappointed that a site would do that verbatim copying of your work and I will never link to that site again. I noticed it was a new site but didn’t look as closely as I should and I apologize for that.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention.