New FOREX Video: Hewison’s Favorite Market

Jan 14, 2009: 3:27 PM CST

Adam Hewison of the Market Club just released a new video entitled “Making Money in FOREX” where he describes some of his experiences in FOREX and also analyzes the EURUSD Cross (Euro and US Dollar).  I always try to share these videos with you due to their educational nature and simple, introductory explanations.

Hewison and staff spend a good deal of time analyzing and discussing FOREX markets and their trends.  I’m posting a portion of the introductory text of the video which explains a bit of Mr. Hewison’s history in the market.

As a disclaimer, remember that all trading involves risk and that there are absolutely no guarantees of success using any system and that I am an affiliate member of Market Club.  Members receive access to additional videos as they are released.  Although I analyze FOREX and currency index markets, I do not trade them myself.

With that being said, here an introduction to Adam Hewison’s new FOREX Video:

“The foreign exchange market is the biggest market in the world by far. It is traded all around the world, six days a week, twenty-four hours per day. It also happens to be one of my all time favorite markets! I personally find it is easy to predict, with trends tending to persist for long periods of time.

So today we’re going to look at the Euro (EUR) against the US Dollar (USD). I’m going to show you the last few MarketClub signals that were generated by our “Trade Triangle” technology. This will give you an indication of just how profitable trading forex can be. You just have to remember a few rules and have the right tools on hand.

I’ve had the good fortune of trading markets like these around the world. I started my career in the pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Later, I traded for a private family fortune in Geneva, Switzerland. I found that trading forex gives you the leverage you need to pull large returns.

I am excited to share this new 7-minute video with you.  It is very important when you are trading in any market to be very, very, disciplined. You must also have a game plan and understand the rules of the game. If you get into forex trading just on a whim, you’re going to be burned… that’s almost a definite. If you approach the forex markets with respect and a game plan, you can do extraordinarily well.

Take a few minutes, check out this video, and see how it could possibly work in your own trading. As many of you know, brokers love us because we are not brokers, we simply provide educational material to help traders improve their trading.”

As an updated disclosure, I am a commissioned affiliate of the Market Club.


3 Responses to “New FOREX Video: Hewison’s Favorite Market”

  1. dacian Says:

    Corey, is there an agreement you have with MarkeClub? I see you mention those many times here. Just a question…

  2. Corey Rosenbloom Says:


    I’m an affiliate member who receives a commission from any sales. Currently, the Market Club is the only service I promote and – obviously – I am highly selective in my endorsement. I have a good relationship with the staff there and believe in their mission for trader education.

  3. forex trading Says:

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