New Investor Resource Website Investimonials

Dec 14, 2009: 12:43 PM CST

A new website has recently launched, called “Investimonials” which seeks to provide a wide list of resources and user feedback on those resources, which span from blogs, websites, brokers, newsletters, DVDs, books, and more for both the trading and investing community.

The site is geared toward providing a forum for discussion and ‘user reviews’ of these products, which allows you to read what others are saying or experiencing about these products, sites, or services.

It can also be a good resource for broadening your horizon when looking for good books or blogs to read, or read about products you are considering purchasing in the future.

The mission of the site is stated simply:

“To help people discover the best financial products and weed out the worst.”

So far, the site boasts over 3,000 items for review with 500+ reviews so far.

This site will likely grow in influence and reach as more reviews are posted, and – like many user-geared sites – the growth and effectiveness of the site depends on user interaction and participation.

The site also encourages reviews with a “point program” that is available for users.

If you enjoy a particular book, website, broker, or blog, one way to show your appreciation is to write a review explaining why you like the site and how you find it helpful.  This will help others find quality websites quicker.

I would be appreciative if you enjoy the analysis, education, and commentary I give each day at the Afraid to Trade blog if you wanted to write a  review at the Investimonals site on the Afraid to Trade blog review page.

Take a look around the site and watch the site as it grows and consider using it as a resource for guidance in the wide world of financial information!

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT


2 Responses to “New Investor Resource Website Investimonials”

  1. sharonlee00 Says:

    It seems like an advertisment!

  2. sharonlee00 Says:

    It seems like an advertisment!