SMB Video: A Day on the Street

Jan 29, 2009: 11:21 AM CST

SMB Remote Trading recently released a video detailing one day in the life of Conor Murphy in Manhattan as he heads to the office, develops a morning plan, executes the plan, reviews his trades at lunch, and then reviews his performance after the market close.

The Video is entitled “A Day on the Street” (YouTube version) or through their website link (“A Day on the Street”) with additional commentary.

For those at home wondering what life might be like for a day trader at a solid proprietary trading firm (SMB Capital – founded by Michael Bellafiore), this video might be of great interest to you.  One thing that stands out about the video is the interaction among traders all day long, from a morning meeting to discuss possible trade ideas to a mid-day video team review of trading performance, to the after-the-bell performance review.

Conor’s goal is a simple one, but it helps propel him to reach higher levels of success:  “My second – and most important goal – is to not repeat the mistakes I made yesterday.”  His first goal is to make $1,000 each day which, arguably, is more difficult than the second goal.

The SMB Training Blog is an excellent resource for observing how a professional trading firm operates which shows a glimpse of itself to the public.  They’ve always had excellent, thought-provoking articles particularly on day-trading, so check them out if you get a chance.

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