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Aug 23, 2010: 11:45 AM CST

I’m pleased to announce that John Forman of the Essentials of Trading recently made available the work he’s been compiling for the Trader FAQ Project.

What is the Trader FAQ?

Over the last few months, John gathered a list of top questions he has received from new and developing traders over the years and compiled the most ‘frequently asked questions’ into a list.

I think he saw that this project was too big for one person to tackle, so he then asked fellow established traders, authors, analysts, systems developers, fund managers and other leaders in the trading community to answer the questions from their experiences.

What developed was the New Trader FAQ, which John has published as an eBook and made readily available for traders to purchase and download.

The questions are divided into Ten Segments and include topics such as:

Markets and Instruments
“The Big 10” Questions
Market Analysis
Trading Systems
Trading Psychology

You can browse the full set of questions at the “New Trader FAQ Questions” page.

I submitted answers to three of the questions and I was honored to be asked to be a contributor to the project.

Other contributors include:

Dr. Brett Steenbarger of TraderFeed
Ray Barros of Trading Success
Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges
Mark Wolfinger (options) of Expiring Monthly

You can see the full list of the 12 contributors (including John Forman) via the homepage.

For a disclosure, I am a contributor and affiliate of the Trader FAQ project and John Forman’s Essentials of Trading.

Take a look at the more information page to see if you could benefit from this resource.

It’s a good place for brand new traders to start, as the contributors often answer the same question in different ways based on their market (stocks, futures, FOREX, options), style (swing, day, position traders), and experience.

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT

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  1. Pipsous Says:

    Good Post..Thanks Corey!!!
    If you get time can you pls do analysis of indian market index NIFTY.. All world market is plunging but indian market is making new high every day..It is quite surprising..
    Thanks again..