Are You Following this Stellar Parabolic Arc in INTC

Jul 29, 2014: 8:49 AM CST

If you haven’t charted or traded Intel (INTC) in a while, you’re missing an amazing “arc trendline” or exponential rally pattern.

Let’s take a look at the pattern, compare similar examples, and plot a potential future for this newly high-flying stock.

I wanted to start with a pure-price trendline view of the exponential growth (rise) in INTC’s stock price.

Starting with the late 2012 low, price began a new uptrend that developed a stable rise that culminated in mid-2014’s parabolic trendline arc.

These patterns are usually dangerous and deceptive and draw new traders into the raging river of a straight-up price movement.

As professionals or experienced traders can tell you, these patterns rarely end well for the buyers.

Nevertheless, these patterns often continue longer than most traders expect and in the process, they can devastate the accounts of the (eventually correct) short-sellers or bears.

The general outlook is to follow price or trade aggressively within the upward rise ahead of a likely reversal.

Short-sellers should avoid the stock until it breaks through the rising vertical trendline which currently overlaps the $34.00 per share level.

Here’s the Daily and Weekly Chart for additional perspectives of the parabolic rise:

Intel (INTC) Weekly:

I’ll leave the rest of the commentary to you to compare the typical Intel price movement (which is relatively low volatility in a stable stock) to the recent straight-up momentum occurring in mid-2014.

If you enjoy playing reversal patterns, look for a break under $34.00 that carries under $33.00.

If you’re an aggressive bull currently long Intel, do be cautious, trail stops closer, hold on tightly for any additional potential “parabolic” price gain that may occur, and don’t hesitate to take profits on a breakdown under $34.00 and especially $33.00.

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