Cool Economic Data from St Louis Fed

Mar 2, 2008: 3:49 PM CST

If you’ve never checked out the amount of data you can find and customize from the Federal Reserve of St. Louis website, I strongly suggest you do so.

While you can find a plethora of information there, I strongly recommend the “FRED Graphs,” which allows customized views of virtually any Fed data you can reasonably imagine.

Here are a couple of examples – without significant analysis on my part – that you can create for yourself on this website:

Personal Savings. The personal savings rate in the United States has now dropped beneath $0, meaning that consumers are strapped and unlikely to be making major economic purchases, especially if they’re unable to find credit to finance these purchases.

Producer Price Index (all commodities): A Look at how the PPI has increased since 2003.

While I could spend all day on this website, I did want to point out its existence and how much data you can receive. You can plot all of the major economic reports the Federal Reserve follows (up to four series per graph) and also compare what changes take place before recessions to see if there are any clues we can gather about conditions right now.

I may be posting more of these graphs on the site as I find new insights and interesting findings.


3 Responses to “Cool Economic Data from St Louis Fed”

  1. Josh Says:

    Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Anonymous Says:

    Great post…not only says a lot about where we are as a nation but also where we are headed – especially given the tight credit environment.