Get Your Free Digital Copy of the Elliott Wave Principle

Feb 16, 2011: 11:22 AM CST

I’m pleased to mention that Club EWI’s newest promotion is a full, free digital copy of the classic Elliott Wave Principle book/text from A.J. Frost and Robert Prechter.

I’m surprised that they would offer the entire book as a give-away for Club EWI members (free registration) so I wanted to do a link post mentioning the opportunity for you if you are interested at all in Elliott Wave.

I’m an affiliate of Club EWI and myself took advantage of this opportunity and it’s the entire book in digital, online-reader format.

I didn’t see a “save file” option though it is in e-reader format with the option to print if you want a hard copy.

I do have a copy at home that I use as a reference but also enjoy being able to read books online as well – that seems to be the way a lot of media is going.

Anyway, this is the classic text for those interested in learning the Elliott Wave Principle as explained by Ralph Elliott and adapted to recent markets by A.J. Frost and Robert Prechter.

Here’s two bullet-points about the book from the sign-up page promo:

  • How to identify all 13 waves that can occur in the charts of the financial markets and get simple explanations of Wave Theory terms.
  • The basics of counting waves, how to recognize the “right look” of a wave, plus lots of simple steps for applying the rules

Club EWI is the educational arm of Elliott Wave International and does a good job of keeping free content about trading methods and strategies from a simple standpoint.  I support only their educational efforts in technical analysis which is a separate arm from their analysis reports.

Again, I’m surprised they’re offering the whole book for free so check out the ‘more info’ page to get started with your digital copy while this promo is still in effect.

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT


7 Responses to “Get Your Free Digital Copy of the Elliott Wave Principle”

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  2. Osikani Says:

    I would say that this is pretty much useless. It cannot be saved, and it cannot be printed, pretty much, unless one is willing to spend a lot of time fiddling with the page layout and printing one page at a time. If I can only read it online, it is useless. 256 pages? When do they take it offline? I am not going to be reading it all at one sitting, and in any case, if I did, I would not be able to absorb it all at one sitting. An online e-reader that does not let one save or print is of no use.

  3. Corey Rosenbloom, CMT Says:

    Does the print option not work? I was able to print but yes it seems to be a page by page process. True, a book like this is more of a reference, not a one time read.

    I was unable to find any sort of timeline on the site or page so I do not know.

    By the way, I find the index option the most helpful, and the Full-Screen viewer the best option for reading.

    As I mentioned, I have a hard copy of the book and if anything, this can be a way for someone deciding whether or not to buy the hard copy to view the text in its entirety to see if the purchase is worth it if it's not tenable to read in the online format. I just thought it was neat they were offering the whole book and thought it worth a mention for those interested.

  4. Says:


    “Get the book FREE!”. Just don't keep it via Save.

  5. Asf Says:

    I agree — don't waste your time — it's useless. It can only be read on their site and can't be downloaded. Useless.

  6. Corey Rosenbloom, CMT Says:

    I don't think it's useless, just not your typical eBook they offer. It's still a classic book, one of which is required by the MTA's CMT coursework – but true I wish they would allow us to download it as well.

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