Link: Ideal Trading Plan to Review

Jan 4, 2008: 6:25 PM CST

Ray Barros at the Blog for Trading Success recently treated readers to one of the best examples I have ever seen of a freely offered trading business plan at the conclusion of his post entitled “Routine and Habits: The Trading Plan“.

He provides a brief commentary and sample outline for readers to consider when completing their own business plan for their trading endeavors.

Regular readers here know the value I place on trading plans, but I also offer the advice to keep them simple, especially if you have a more detailed version. In a sense, you want to develop a quick “action plan” that helps guide your decisions which prevents you from being bogged down by too much information.

I do recommend endeavoring to compose a more lengthy plan which addresses many of the points Mr. Barros discusses.

Read over the template and review the sample trading plan Ray has provided you – it comes attached as a MS Word Document.

Many thanks to Ray for sharing his plan with us to ponder and give us inspiration as we write our own!


3 Responses to “Link: Ideal Trading Plan to Review”

  1. anatrader Says:


    May I add that the link to Ray’s post is direct at:

    Being his STC student, I am happy to read this which bears testimony to his good works.

    Happy New Year


  2. Corey Rosenbloom Says:


    Thank you for the correction to the link. I have always been impressed with Mr. Barros’ work, and I am all too happy to direct readers to his posts, especially this one which shares his generosity in offering an excellent trading plan to use as a template and thought generator.

    All the best,


  3. Ana Says:

    Morning, Corey, from sunny Singapore.

    I have, in fact, linked your post yesterday to his blog which is freely accessible to all readers.

    My mentor Ray will read this second post of yours, and I am sure he will drop you a line to thank you personally.

    It is great how networking through cyberway works to benefit humanity in general and novice traders in particular.

    Thank you for sharing your great blog, too.

    An avid reader